Instagram: laceyayresdesign


Hello! I'm Lacey. I'm an experienced contract Fashion Designer based in South Australia. When I’m not hanging out with my sausage dogs or soaking up the sunshine, I’m dedicating my time to helping start up and established activewear brands to design and develop their vision!


​Growing up the daughter and grand daughter of two incredible dressmakers, I developed a unique and thoughtful approach to design. This was followed by a formal education, where I extensively studied the technical and practical aspects of all things fashion design.


My 6+ years of activewear design experience in the Australian Fashion Industry began at successful Brisbane based company, Lorna Jane. I then worked with a fast growing and niche Adelaide business - Ryderwear.


Now, I want to help YOU! Since becoming a contract designer, I have had the opportunity to assist brands with a wide range of roles including; fashion design, CAD, tech packs, fittings, sourcing, manufacturing and more.