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What is a Critical Path?

A critical path is a document that identifies each crucial task required in the production process. It outlines the timeframe required for each stage, ultimately ensuring your order arrives by your launch date. With multiple moving parts in production, you need to plan strategically.

To set up a critical path for your collection, you need to know how long each step will take you/your manufacturer. To find out this information, you’ll need to communicate with your supplier to identify their lead times. You can then work backwards from your ideal launch date to plan out your entire CP.

Communicating these key dates with your manufacturer is your responsibility and you need to refer back to it often to ensure you are running on track.

Here are some crucial tasks your CP can include:

〰️ Designs finalized

〰️ Tech packs completed

〰️ First sample (production, delivery, fit session, fit comments)

〰️ Second sample (production, delivery, fit session, fit comments)

〰️ Purchase order placed

〰️ PP sample (production, arrival, fit session, fit comments)

〰️ Bulk production

〰️ Bulk shipping date

〰️ Bulk estimated arrival time

If you need a timeline/some key milestones to hold you accountable, or if you find it hard to wrap your head around the multiple moving parts of the production process.. you can purchase my critical path template below.


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