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Fashion Industry Acronyms You Need To Know


Cut, make & trim manufacturing. The factory will only make your garments. They will not create patterns, source fabric or handle packaging. They usually have a lower minimum order requirement, however you need to be much more involved in the production logistics.


Fully factored manufacturing. The factory will source everything from pattern making and grading, to fabric and trims, to labels and packaging. Your garments will be delivered completely ready to ship out to customers. This is great as it is a one-stop shop and means less messing around for you!


Minimum Order Quantity. This is the minimum amount of pieces per style a factory will allow for a bulk order. For example, if their MOQ is 50pc; you need to purchase 50pc of each item in your collection. This may or may not take MCQ (Minimum Colour Quantity) into account.


Bill of Materials. This is a list (required in your tech pack), that outlines every single physical feature needed to produce your item; i.e.fabrics, thread, trims and labels.


Points of measure. You need to provide measurements for your garment within your tech pack, and your POM is what indicates where exactly to measure. These need to be very precise in order for your garment to fit properly. Common POMs include HSP (high shoulder point), CF (centre front), CB (centre back) and SS (side seam).


Pre-Production Sample. Once your first sample is made, there are usually a series of revisions made until your garment is perfected. The PPS is the final sample and should look exactly like your bulk product. This is used for bulk approval as well as for photoshoots and marketing.


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