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Fit tips

Fitting is an important and often underrated part of the development process that has a HUGE impact on the success of your product & brand.


Ensure your fit model has the right measurements. If you base your measurements on someone wearing the incorrect size, you will end up with a bulk order that runs too big or too small. Check the model’s measurements before EVERY fit session.


Measure the garments against the spec BEFORE fitting them on a model. They may stretch out on the model and it is important to know whether the measurements are correct before making changes to the fit.


Work on perfecting your sample size before ordering a size set & fitting the rest of your size range.


Be prepared, be time-wise & take comprehensive notes. Fit sessions can be expensive and require a team, so ensure you cover everything there and then. A checklist can be extremely helpful to avoid forgetting things.


Request samples in a light colour. Black hides quality issues such as poor stitching and you can also check the fabric is squat proof.


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