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What is a Fashion CAD?

You’ve got an idea and maybe some rough sketches on a bit of paper, so what’s next?

✨ CAD’s! ✨

Fashion CAD (computer-aided design) brings your vision to life and gives you a really clear visual of how all of your ideas work together.

They are two-dimensional technical sketches that illustrate your garment; the visual blueprints of each design. Effective technical drawings will also save you time and money when it comes to sampling.

Your CAD needs to show every detail you would be able to see on the actual garment including trims, seams, stitching and construction details. Front and back views (at least) are vital to a technical pack as they show your pattern maker and manufacturers exactly how you want your garment to look and be constructed.

Designers also utilise CAD’s to easily manipulate designs, range plans, colour palettes, print variations and more.


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