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What is fabric GSM?

Fabric GSM, also known as grams per square metre is simply the weight of a fabric, or the fabric thickness. GSM is important to consider when producing a collection as you want to ensure the fabric is suitable for the intent of each garment.

Fabrics with a higher GSM are generally more expensive than those with a lower weight as more raw materials are used to weave the fabric.

Tip: the EXACT same fabric compositions will feel such different qualities if the GSMs are different. When selecting fabrics, request a few different weights so you can decide which works best for your garment. For example; use the same fabric composition for your range, but make the tights a heavier GSM and your training tanks lighter!

Light weight: 1gsm - 150gsm

Medium weight: 150gsm - 350gsm

Heavy weight: 350gsm+

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