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Fashion Design

From trend forecasting and initial concept, to a refined activewear collection. Your range will represent your brand and appeal to your target market while ensuring a high quality and functional foundation. This service can be as collaborative or independent as you wish. 

• Trend research

• Mood boards

• Colour + print concept

• 3-4 conceptual designs per style

• Final colour palette

• Final CADs + range plan


A fashion CAD is a two-dimensional technical sketch that illustrates your garment. It needs to show every detail you would be able to see on the physical garment including trims, seams, stitching and construction details. Front and back views (at least) are vital as they show your pattern maker and manufacturers exactly how you want your garment to look and be constructed.


Designers also utilise CAD to easily visualise and manipulate designs, range plans, colour palettes, print variations and more. 

Technical Packs

A tech pack is a highly detailed product blue print that includes everything the factory needs to know to make your garment. ​

Before you begin your search for a manufacturer, you need to have your tech packs ready in order to obtain an accurate quotation for bulk production. Once you have a reliable quote, you can alter your design, fabrics, trims, colour ways, prints, sizes and quantities to fit your budget.

Your tech pack then becomes a working document for sampling. This is where you will record every fit adjustment, fabric change and more. If anything goes wrong in bulk production, this paper trail will serve as your product contract. 

Each tech pack includes:

• Measurements for your sample size

• BOM (bill of materials) - specific sourcing directions for fabrics, thread, trims etc.

• Construction details

• Reference images

• Colour details

• Printwork details

• Artwork details

• Labelling & swing tag instructions(note: the design of these is not included)

• Packaging instructions

Textile Design

Exclusive & non-exclusive prints available to shop here.

Custom textile design also available.

Fit Reviews

1-HOUR video consult to discuss samples + fit issues.


Do you need some quick advice or direction? Are you facing a tricky roadblock or challenge, or want some professional eyes to look over your project? Then a 1-HOUR video consult is perfect for you! This is your opportunity to receive constructive feedback & actionable advice from an experienced designer.

Download 2023 Price Guide

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