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Why You Need A Tech Pack


You have CONTROL. YOU get to decide the measurements and finishes of your garments, instead of the factory choosing the easiest option.


You will SAVE MONEY. There is much less room for expensive errors! Instead of iterating through several sampling rounds due to lack of detail or misinterpretation, your samples will come back correctly.


You will SAVE TIME. Decreased sampling time = increased speed to market.


Factories will see and treat you as a professional, they will WANT to work with you.


You will receive much more accurate (and better) costing for your garments.


It’s an insurance policy; the bulk order you receive has to be per the tech pack. If something unexpected happens in production, it can serve as a “product contract” and give you a fallback.


They are working documents. All of the information for your garment and the changes made along the way are in one document, allowing for easy future reference.


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